Healthy Lifestyle For Baby Boomers

C’mon in and join the conversation!

Hey there! I’m Heloise, and I’m a Baby Boomer and recent retiree. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it!

Well, I’m a lot more than a retiree, but I want to start there. After 46 eventful years in the workforce, I was excited about all that life had to offer in retirement. Oh, the dreams I had! The people I would meet. The places I would travel to. All the things I’d check off my never-ending checklist. The cuisines I’d eat throughout my travels. The food…..

As I rode off into the sunset of retirement, I got a bit of a reality check. We had been empty nesters for a while and decided to downsize our home. I was thrown into a bit of a tailspin. Losing all sense of familiarity was tough. We left a spacious home we loved. A neighbourhood our children grew up in. Neighbours that became friends. A new home and a new suburb brought challenges of adjusting to a confined space and other newness, too!

And when you’re retired, these changes seem especially daunting. I didn’t have my work family to rely on anymore and my work routine to fall back on. So many questions ran through my mind: How do I make new friends? Where do I start? What do I do all day? Is all this normal? Who am I?

When we work for so many years and then lose that identity, it can be hard to figure out where we fit in. I struggled with finding my place in this new world. After grappling with these feelings for a while, the tides slowly changed, and I found my stride. I’ve made new friendships and ongoing connections with other retirees and like-minded people, and I have a newfound happiness and zest for life.

Out of all of the experiences I’ve had, this blog was born. There’s undeniable power in connection and knowing someone else is going through the same thing as you are. This is a community for people like you and me: those with a zest for the good life and a desire for connection.

So, I hope you’ll follow along on this crazy, fun, and exciting journey and share some of your experiences too! Together, we’ll explore all that life has to offer: health and wellness, exercise and fitness, travel, healthy eating, hobbies, and so much more. It’s kind of my basket of potpourri!!

C’mon in, sit back, and enjoy. You deserve it!